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Post-Isabel Side-Scan Sonar and Multibeam Surveys: Raleigh Bay, North Carolina
Geodynamics was contracted by the U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Science Center to assist in detailed Side Scan and Multibeam Sonar mapping of northern Raleigh Bay, North Carolina immediately following the landfall of Hurricane Isabel in September of 2003. The focus of the study was to map regions of Raleigh Bay surveyed prior to the Hurricane by the USGS to gain important insight into shoreface processes following a significant storm event.
RV 4-Points R/V 4-Points – nearshore multibeam & side scan sonar data acquisition
Multibeam & Side Scan Imagery EM3000 multibeam sonar data draped over the USGS Klein 3000 imagery Data collected by the USGS and Geodynamics for this project were used to compare pre- and post-storm impacts to seafloor features such as ripple-scour depressions (Thieler et. al., 2001) and to assess mobility of inner shelf sediment in their ongoing efforts to gain a detailed understanding of the geologic framework and coastal processes along the NC coast (see more).

Geodynamics' custom survey launch (R/V 4-Points) was a critical link in completing this post-storm survey project. The mobility and custom design of the R/V 4-Points allowed us to mobilize on site and deploy a variety of hydrogaphic instrumentation within 2 days of Hurricane Isabel’s landfall.

Rv 4-Points Cabin R/V 4-Points— Cabin-view


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